Equestrian Education

We are proud to offer North America’s only on-campus Equine Facilitated Leadership Development and Equine Facilitated Wellness programs. These one-of-a-kind nature-based programs are part of our core educational programming for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students hone character and leadership skills—such as emotional intelligence, resilience and communication—through hands-on and reflective groundwork exercises (not riding) with horses as their co-teachers.

Program Highlights

  • Equestrian Physical and Health Education credit option.
  • Integrated Equestrian Canada Rider Level program for all riders (with academic credit options).
  • Equestrian academic credit courses for Grades 10–12, such as Equine Science, Equine Athlete and Introduction to Horse Training.
  • The full 30 acres, horses included.
  • Engaging class learning and collaborative curriculum opportunities.
  • Unique service and co-curricular options.
  • Students foster competencies such as emotional intelligence, resilience, curiosity, innovative thinking, clear communication, presence, and self-awareness.

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