Health Services

Queen Margaret’s School is pleased to offer various Health Services to our day and boarding students. Students may raise health-related concerns or issues in confidence with members of our Health Services team.

In addition to the services outlined below, students and families have access to our QMS Wellness site which provides enriched health resource information and wellness team details.

QMS Wellness Site

School Counselor

Our School Counselor acts as a referral agent for students and families who are experiencing difficulties in the area of behaviour or when experiencing emotional crisis. The Counselor is available during the day, Monday through Friday, in the Student Health Services area. Students may be referred to the Counselor by a parent or teacher, or may self-refer during a difficult time. The Counselor will refer students and families to community services when necessary. Please note the counselling process is kept confidential except in cases where threat to self or others is present.

School Nurse

Our QMS School Nurse is located in the Student Health Centre, Monday to Friday, from 7:30am – 3:30pm. On-call nurse support is available outside of these operating hours for our boarding students.

Should a child become ill or injured while at school, they will be assisted to the Student Health Centre. Parents will be contacted if the student requires care beyond what our Nurse can provide. She will refer to the medical information provided annually by parents. Parents are asked to contact the School Nurse if any new health concerns or injuries arise that would affect their child’s full participation in school and activities during the year.

For boarding students, emergency services are provided through local physicians and the Cowichan District Hospital. Our School Nurse also arranges appointments to external specialists including dentists, orthodontists and physiotherapists.