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Balance body and mind

Regular physical activity is a foundation for life-long health. At QMS, students participate in regular physical education classes that support skill development and teamwork. Students take Physical Health Education classes led by specialist athletic teachers and may participate in intramural games, extra-curricular sports and co-curricular activities that support fitness and personal wellness.

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Senior School

Athletics & Fitness

Skill development, teamwork and responsibility for personal wellness are foundations of life-long health.

In addition to Physical Education classes led by specialist teachers, our Royals athletic teams compete on and off-campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports such as field hockey, cross country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, badminton, rugby, soccer, mountain biking and track & field.

Co-curricular & Recreational Activities

Co-curricular activities are another way for students to develop their physical fitness and skills while strengthening their self esteem. These include golf, swimming, rowing, tennis, hiking, climbing, ultimate frisbee and skiing.

Classes in yoga, dance, Pilates, cross-training and other fitness programs provide individual options for young bodies and minds.

Equestrian Program

Our fully integrated Equestrian Program offers riders of all levels a unique opportunity to experience and enhance their skills including competing with the QMS IEA Team or Team QMS.

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