Head of School’s Welcome

A Culture of Kindness

The single most absorbing and enjoyable aspect of running a school for me has always been the wonderful opportunity to help create a meaningful culture. Yes, it’s uplifting to see success being achieved all over the place, confidence being built and potential fulfilled, but the joy of watching how people treat each other and their world surpasses all else. Here at QMS, we strive daily to create and maintain that culture of kindness. Respect then becomes an action not a noun and everyone functions better and feels better when they’re surrounded by positive energy.

Meaningful relationships have always been at the heart of the best education and they are more likely to thrive where kindness and respect prevail. The real sense of community that then results is what this school has been engaged in developing for a long time. 100 years ago that calling was a very clear mandate that the Founders set for themselves and we are proud today to honour that vision.

The QMS of the present day is a vibrant place, intent indeed on “preparing these young trailblazers’ for a world where their characters and qualities as people will be more important than ever. Kind people always bring out the best in others and I hope that you will feel that when you walk onto our campus.

I look forward to welcoming you in person.

My best,

Mr. David Robertson
Head of School


Our Purpose

We exist to prepare young trailblazers, because no two journeys are the same.

Be curious. Be brave. Be kind. Be you.