University Prep

REALIZE Your Dreams

Applying to university can be an exciting and emotional process. QMS students are counseled to think beyond graduation, and are supported in their research, preparation, and application for university by a team of professionals including the Academic Advisor, Student Records Clerk, Faculty Advisor and subject area teachers. 

The Academic Advisor works closely with students, ensuring graduation requirements outlined by the BC Ministry of Education are met. Beginning in Grade 11, students meet individually with the Academic Advisor to research and discuss options for their post-secondary education. Assistance for TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, and other exams that may be required for university is also provided. 

The student’s support team will assist with research, filling out applications, applying for scholarships, writing reference letters, sending transcripts and interviewing techniques. In addition, the Academic Resource Centre offers a weekly “Open House” after instructional hours, hosts university presentations and seminars, sponsors exploratory field trips to universities in Eastern Canadian and British Columbia, and arranges trips to University Fairs and Portfolio Days.  

Our team looks forward to supporting our students achieve their dreams!  

I'm proud to work at a school that is committed to creating opportunities for growth and professional development for staff that positively impacts student learning and achievement.
- Elizabeth Tarkowski, QMS Staff Member