Academic Advising

EXCEL with Personalized Support

The academic program at Queen Margaret’s School is a demanding one, and our expectations are high. Our aim is for our students to have the preparation that allows them to be accepted at a post-secondary institution of their choice. It is our fundamental belief that a successful education requires a three-way partnership between student, parents, and the School. Parents are encouraged to develop open lines of communication with their daughter’s teachers to address any questions or areas of concern at the earliest possible time. 

Recommended avenues of academic support at QMS include: 

Academic Advisor 

Our Academic Advisor will support and guide the academic success of your daughter. As a key source of information on BC high school requirements and entrance requirements for post-secondary institutions, the Academic Advisor meets individually with students and assists them in selecting courses, discussing career choices, and the application process for post-secondary institutions. Help with SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and other exams that may be required for university entrance is also provided.    

Faculty Advisor 

Each Senior School teacher is a Faculty Advisor. As a Faculty Advisor, a teacher is responsible for a small group of students and supports each student’s success by monitoring their academic progress, facilitating communication between teachers, students and parents, and promoting positive and supportive relationships. 

Academic Help 

QMS teachers offer general academic support, in their subject area classrooms, each day from 3:00 – 3:30 pm, Monday to Thursdays. All students are encouraged to attend these sessions as needed.   

Learning Support 

Our Learning Support Program offers support for academic success on an individual or group basis. Under the direction of our Learning Support Teacher, an individualized educational plan is created in consultation with parents, applicable teachers’ and the student.  


If a student requires additional assistance with school work, outside of the instruction offered by teachers, QMS recommends hiring a professional tutor. QMS coordinates a tutoring program for students, with qualified instructors coming on campus to assist with student learning. Parents and students, in consultation with their teachers, can request extra tutoring through the Academic Advisor.   

QMS taught me to speak my mind no matter the consequences, I found this skill invaluable. QMS also taught me the importance of friendship and loyalty and these values still hold true for me today.
- Jennifer Spencer, Class of '82