English Language Support

EMBRACE English Language and Canadian Culture

At Queen Margaret’s School, we offer a process of English Language support to meet the needs of a wide range of English language levels. Our ELL support is designed to increase students’ English language competencies needed to succeed in the regular academic program. QMS builds the functional skills required for British Columbia high school graduation and entrance to universities and colleges. QMS provides support with English grammar, vocabulary building, the mechanics of academic writing, and reading, balanced with listening and speaking skills.  

Each student’s English level is assessed before acceptance and upon arrival to ensure individual support is tailored to their language ability and age group. QMS teachers are supported by qualified ELL instructors with extensive experience teaching international students. All students are exposed to and gain an understanding of Canadian culture and history. They have opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of British Columbia through memorable tours to various locations around Vancouver Island.

In addition, faculty members from other academic departments give generously of their time to support our students in meeting their goals. Students are provided and encouraged through numerous opportunities to practice English co-curricular and residence activities, and in real-life situations. 

QMS taught me to speak my mind no matter the consequences, I found this skill invaluable. QMS also taught me the importance of friendship and loyalty and these values still hold true for me today.
- Jennifer Spencer, Class of '82