Junior School Welcome Message 

Welcome to Queen Margaret’s School. As the Junior School Principal, it is my good fortune and honour to work with dedicated and inspiring teachers who offer a host of exciting learning opportunities to our elementary students. We are proud of our program of enriched curricula which includes an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities, the encouragement of curiosity through inquiry-driven teaching and the development of entrepreneurial thinking skills at all grade levels.    

Through our programs and teachers, we ensure that your child receives the attention and support required to become a capable, confident, self-motivated, and responsible citizen who possesses a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Clear expectations for behaviour in and out of the classroom have enabled us to create an environment where students learn and play in a safe and respectful community.    
QMS is much more than an academic institution. In our almost 100 year history, we have developed a well-rounded philosophy of education where the student is at the centre of all we do. Life at QMS reflects the values inherent in our QMS pillars, including rigor and personal excellence, gender equity and fairness, and character and service.    

Throughout our history, the QMS community has included learners, educators, caregivers and friends. From its inception, community members have worked together to reach common goals. We continue to embrace this attitude of cooperation and teamwork as we strive to provide an education for your children that is engaging, challenging and supportive. As the Junior School Principal, I look forward to working alongside you and your child.    

I hope you find our website informative and expressive of the wonderful community of learning that has evolved here at Queen Margaret’s School.  

Susan Cruikshank  
Junior School Principal

QMS' caring teachers challenged and encouraged me to go far beyond my own expectations. It was exactly what I needed to develop the tenacity required to succeed at anything in life. 
- Erin Bell (nee Watkins), Class of '95
The QMS values have helped guide and shape my life's focus personally and academically. They reflect how I want to live my life after I graduate.
- Tara Cooper, Class of '15
I'm proud to work at a school that is committed to creating opportunities for growth and professional development for staff that positively impacts student learning and achievement.
- Elizabeth Tarkowski, QMS Staff Member
I could not have asked for a better place to finish my last three years of high school. QMS prepared me for a smooth transition into college life.
- Nora Shek, Class of '93
QMS taught me to speak my mind no matter the consequences, I found this skill invaluable. QMS also taught me the importance of friendship and loyalty and these values still hold true for me today.
- Jennifer Spencer, Class of '82
I learned much of my equestrian knowledge through the equestrian program at QMS and I'm grateful that I am now able to use that in my career.
- Amber Dawn Clarkson, Class of '95
It's years later and QMS still feels very much like home. I was fortunate enough to make some incredible friends both with the students and faculty, and I still maintain many of them today. 
- Jennifer Stone (nee Muza), Class of '97
QMS gave me the strength I needed to be self confident. I will always treasure the time I spent at QMS.
- Nadine Gallant, Class of '88
I feel a debt of gratitude to QMS for the education, teachers & the whole QMS experience that sent me out in the world with a solid foundation. Not to mention treasured friendships!
- Catherine Dunik, Class of '84
At QMS, I have developed my independence and discovered the importance of self-motivation. It feels like a small university here which is helping me prepare for post-secondary life.
- Carina Zhong, Class of '18
Making friends from around the world truly made the experience I had at QMS worth while!
- Marlena Sawras, Class of 2017