Support Services

Boarding students are supported by a dynamic and caring Residence team. 

Travel Coordinator
Boarding students travelling to/from our school work closely with our Travel Coordinator. This individual assists with booking flights, coordinating schedules and ensuring your daughter safely arrives at her destination. 

Student Life Coordinator
Activities such as bowling, doing crafts, going on optional shopping excursions, attending sports events or going to the movies are a great way to make connections and build friendships among students.


Laundry is a free service provided to boarding students for clothing, bedding and towels. Boarders are responsible for taking their laundry bag to the laundry room on designated days and it will be placed, clean and folded in their assigned laundry locker.      

WI-FI is available to all boarding students at QMS.

Financial Services
Our Finance Department assists students and their families with local banking transactions as well as offering a pocket money program.

I'm proud to work at a school that is committed to creating opportunities for growth and professional development for staff that positively impacts student learning and achievement.
- Elizabeth Tarkowski, QMS Staff Member