Admissions Team

The Admissions Team at Queen Margaret’s School are always searching for boys and girls who wish to be a part of our diverse and engaging school community. We value integrity, service, courage and intellectual curiosity.
Rebecca McKay
Director of Admissions
Rebecca McKay is passionate about QMS and meeting students who are excited to join our community. Mrs. McKay travels the world meeting families, prospective students, and exploring global cultures. With over 20 years of experience in admissions, Mrs. McKay is approachable, understanding and eager to engage in dialogue with families interested in Queen Margaret’s School.
Kevin Mennie
Associate Director of Admissions
Kevin Mennie is eager to engage with families around the world. Drawing on his 11 years of teaching in the independent school system, and his experience living abroad, Kevin is excited to share the exceptional boarding and academic opportunities that Queen Margaret's School offers.
Amanda Lutner
Admissions Coordinator
Coming Soon.
Sandy Potter
Admissions Coordinator
Sandy Potter is one of the first voices and faces new families to QMS will hear or see. Mrs. Potter is always excited to connect with new families, share information about the school, engage in dialogue with agents overseas and assist in welcoming students to QMS. Do you have a question about bringing your daughter or son to QMS? Connect with Sandy!
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